Evi Abeler

  • Photographer
  • Food, Still-life
  • New York, NY, United States

Evi Abeler is a NYC-based food and still life photographer. She helps clients in the culinary and design world to communicate the love, passion, and thought that go into their projects through the use of simple, yet elegant photography. In addition to her commercial work, she offers photography training, collaborates on the recipe blog Whip+Click and is the food photography expert at about.com. Her clients include Food & Wine Magazine, FoodNetwork, and Whole Foods Markets.

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Mackerel fish tailsMackerel fish tails
Raspberries, cherries and blueberriesRaspberries, cherries and blueberries
Trifle in jar with whole fruitTrifle in jar with whole fruit
Peach and red currants soaking in rumPeach and red currants soaking in rum
Raspberries, blueberries and cherriesRaspberries, blueberries and cherries
Whole and sliced peaches in bowlWhole and sliced peaches in bowl
Roasted peaches topped with butterRoasted peaches topped with butter
Berry and yogurt popsiclesBerry and yogurt popsicles
Fruit soaking in jar of rumFruit soaking in jar of rum
Cherry pistachio clafoutis dishCherry pistachio clafoutis dish
Raw cherry clafoutis batterRaw cherry clafoutis batter
Strawberry and rhubarb chips on white backgroundStrawberry and rhubarb chips on white background
Strawberry and rhubarb chips from aboveStrawberry and rhubarb chips from above
Strawberry and rhubarb chipsStrawberry and rhubarb chips
Stack of pate de fruit candyStack of pate de fruit candy
Stack of pate de fruit dessertStack of pate de fruit dessert
Piping macaron dough onto panPiping macaron dough onto pan
Passion fruit and vanilla barsPassion fruit and vanilla bars
Kangaroo shaped cookies and glass of milkKangaroo shaped cookies and glass of milk
Slice of chocolate covered mud cakeSlice of chocolate covered mud cake
Hand pouring chocolate icing on mud cakeHand pouring chocolate icing on mud cake
Chocolate icing drizzled on mud cakeChocolate icing drizzled on mud cake
Australian oat and coconut cookiesAustralian oat and coconut cookies
Chocolate rice crispy barsChocolate rice crispy bars
Chocolate rice crispy bars stackedChocolate rice crispy bars stacked
Four whole eggs on nestsFour whole eggs on nests
String beans whole and choppedString beans whole and chopped
Whole eggs on nestsWhole eggs on nests
Chocolate cake and bowl of chocolateChocolate cake and bowl of chocolate
Star-shaped sugar cookiesStar-shaped sugar cookies
Decorated star-shaped sugar cookiesDecorated star-shaped sugar cookies
Sugar cookies cut into animal shapesSugar cookies cut into animal shapes
Caramel bars with chocolate toppingCaramel bars with chocolate topping
Preparing sponge cake with chocolate and coconutPreparing sponge cake with chocolate and coconut
Slice of kale cake on plateSlice of kale cake on plate
Pouring caramel on sticky date cakePouring caramel on sticky date cake
White cake on stand with dark backgroundWhite cake on stand with dark background
Baskets with raw bread doughBaskets with raw bread dough
Person by raw bread loavesPerson by raw bread loaves
Person forming raw bread doughPerson forming raw bread dough
wine corks in a metal wash tubwine corks in a metal wash tub
Pigs grazing outdoorsPigs grazing outdoors
Baked whole tatin from aboveBaked whole tatin from above
Tatin crust dough from aboveTatin crust dough from above
Tomatoes, onions and parmesanTomatoes, onions and parmesan
Roasted tomatoes and onionsRoasted tomatoes and onions
Tomato halves with seasoningTomato halves with seasoning
Apples and pumpkins on wood wallApples and pumpkins on wood wall


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