A boy holds wedding rings 5453d37aa6dfde507e9f9642
Wedding rings placed on special stands 5453d353a6dfde507e9f9622
A little girl holds a woven basket 5453d398a6dfde507e9f9663
A bride holds her bouquet 5453d395a6dfde507e9f965f
A man and woman stand together 5453d389a6dfde507e9f964f
A bride and groom share the first dance 5453d37ca6dfde507e9f9645
Newlyweds embrace 5453d379a6dfde507e9f9641
A bride holds her veil 5453d371a6dfde507e9f9639
A bride holds her bouquet 5453d370a6dfde507e9f9637
A bride searches through her makeup bag 5453d367a6dfde507e9f962d
A bride and groom hold hands 5453d350a6dfde507e9f961f
Close up of hands holding kittens 54515535a6dfde507e9f91a3
Man buttoning cuff of his shirt 5451542aa6dfde507e9f909a
Man pouring coffee into cup from metal pot Matt Armendariz 54418d6fa6dfde507e9f7fc1
Man stirring coffee in stoneware cup with french press Matt Armendariz 54418d35a6dfde507e9f7f85
Man pulling out phone from coat pocket Chris Strong 54401bcfa6dfde507e9f7c92
Man taking phone from jacket pocket Chris Strong 54401bcfa6dfde507e9f7c91
Man pulling cell phone from jacket pocket Chris Strong 54401bcea6dfde507e9f7c90
Wedding rings over green leaves Aiala Hernando 542c5398a6dfde507e9f6888
A newborn in a mother's arm Ashley Jennett 5425a86ea6dfde507e9f60fd
Woman kissing boy by stone wall Ashley Jennett 5425a845a6dfde507e9f60d7
Two wedding rings on yellow flowers floating on water Aaron Joel Santos 5421c57aa6dfde507e9f5c09
Concentric wedding rings on a flower floating on water Aaron Joel Santos 5421c57aa6dfde507e9f5c08
Man reading from computer against tree 5421a1aca6dfde507e9f5b73
Two men kiss by a river 5421a19da6dfde507e9f5b63
Son holds mother's hand as they go for a walk together Marina Dempster 541c9498a6dfde507e9f577d
Close up of groom putting on cufflinks Adrian Hancu 5419ea20a6dfde507e9f5376
Close up of groom putting on cufflinks Adrian Hancu 5419ea1da6dfde507e9f5374
Drinking champagne at home before the wedding ceremony Adrian Hancu 5419ea19a6dfde507e9f5370
Close up of bridesmaid holding a bouquet Liz Sloan 54188cd1a6dfde507e9f51fc
Wedding rings displayed on glass Liz Sloan 541875dca6dfde507e9f51ac
Man's hand on a computer mouse Rainer Berg 5411da9ca6dfde507e9f4b51
Bride and bridesmaids showing flowers Adrian Hancu 53f36905a6dfde507e9f2f0c
Wedding rings in box Adrian Hancu 53f368ffa6dfde507e9f2f06
Groom putting wedding ring on brides finger, Sweden 53ee6664a6dfde507e9f2ddc
Man holding wedding ring on his palm Val Ely 53ea3528a6dfde507e9f2837
Close-up of Hindu woman getting ready for wedding, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 53d13faf5a10fc50d2d01af4
Hindu woman getting ready for wedding, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 53d13fae5a10fc50d2d01af2
Smiling little girl in white dress Amanda Tipton 53d006ea5a10fc50d2d0192a
Mother bending over to kiss daughter in a field Amanda Tipton 53d006e85a10fc50d2d01928
Mother and daughter walk hand-in-hand in a field wearing similar dresses Amanda Tipton 53d006e85a10fc50d2d01929
Newlywed couple posing Sarah Bridgeman 53ce86175a10fc50d2d01601
Close up of baby boy sleeping in mother's arms 53c43bee5a10fc50d2d00d6c
Close-up of wedding rings Adrian Hancu 53c434eb5a10fc50d2d00d12
Groom taking the wedding rings from priest Courtney Chavanell 53bad9cf5a10fc50d2d0046b
Priest holding out wedding rings to the groom Courtney Chavanell 53bad9cd5a10fc50d2d0046a
Close up of wedding rings on a rock Adrian Hancu 53b46dfa5a10fc50d2d000fd


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