Bride putting ring on husband's hand during ceremony Aaron Joel Santos 54c67195a6dfde507e9ffda4
The hands of a young Vietnamese bride in a red ao dai Aaron Joel Santos 54be76f9a6dfde507e9ff310
A man and woman hug Maria Lamb 54bd6874a6dfde507e9ff114
Wedding rings on a potted plant Heidi Ryder 54b92729a6dfde507e9feda8
Wedding rings on tulips Heidi Ryder 54b92727a6dfde507e9feda6
Close up of wedding ring Heidi Ryder 54b9270ca6dfde507e9fed94
Guest at a wedding with dog holding wedding rings Heidi Ryder 54b9270ca6dfde507e9fed95
A bride locks her fingers over her heart Cassie Sullivan 54b522a5a6dfde507e9fe856
A bride raises her hands to her hair Cassie Sullivan 54b522a3a6dfde507e9fe853
A bride reaches over her shoulder Cassie Sullivan 54b522a0a6dfde507e9fe852
Wedding rings in front of a straw basket Cassie Sullivan 54b52295a6dfde507e9fe84a
A man holds two wedding rings Cassie Sullivan 54b5228da6dfde507e9fe844
Muslim woman kneeling to pray 54af0363a6dfde507e9fdf7f
Close up of the hands of a senior woman 54ac3810a6dfde507e9fda76
Close up of man and woman holding hands 54ac2faaa6dfde507e9fd7e7
Close up of wedding rings on a pink peony 54ac2eb0a6dfde507e9fd74a
Portrait of woman staring into the distance 54ac2dfda6dfde507e9fd6f0
Man in suit at hotel room window Derick Rhodes 549408f6a6dfde507e9fc9ca
Couple holding hands with engagement ring Angela Richardson 5492b4b2a6dfde507e9fc81e
Wedding party posing with tablet Yevgenia Nayberg 5487931da6dfde507e9fbe89
Close up of young couple holding hands Aaron Joel Santos 5485d0d8a6dfde507e9fbc50
Close up of the engagement ring of a bride Aaron Joel Santos 5485d0d5a6dfde507e9fbc4e
Hunter holding dead birds 5481d5b9a6dfde507e9fb9d9
Wedding bands on plate Leslee Mitchell 54817d55a6dfde507e9fb848
Bride holding unique bouquet Axel & Berg 547f93aba6dfde507e9fb6b4
Senior couple in a park 5473a36ca6dfde507e9fafc5
Man adjusting boutonniere 546fc017a6dfde507e9fae35
Close up of bride Leslee Mitchell 54667179a6dfde507e9fa65a
Close up of a hand of a bride Adrian Hancu 54628908a6dfde507e9fa240
Newlywed couple holding the wedding rings on wheat straws Adrian Hancu 54628906a6dfde507e9fa23e
Couple holding the wedding rings on wheat straws Adrian Hancu 54628906a6dfde507e9fa23d
Couple exchanging rings at their wedding ceremony Adrian Hancu 54628904a6dfde507e9fa23b
Groom holding the rings at his wedding ceremony Adrian Hancu 54628904a6dfde507e9fa23c
Close up of embracing newlyweds Levi Ely 54627b9da6dfde507e9fa217
Close up of bride adjusting her wedding ring Levi Ely 54627b85a6dfde507e9fa202
Close up of bride holding her bouquet Levi Ely 54627b7aa6dfde507e9fa1fa
A little girl holds a woven basket 5453d398a6dfde507e9f9663
A bride holds her bouquet 5453d395a6dfde507e9f965f
A man and woman stand together 5453d389a6dfde507e9f964f
A bride and groom share the first dance 5453d37ca6dfde507e9f9645
A boy holds wedding rings 5453d37aa6dfde507e9f9642
Newlyweds embrace 5453d379a6dfde507e9f9641
A bride holds her veil 5453d371a6dfde507e9f9639
A bride holds her bouquet 5453d370a6dfde507e9f9637
A bride searches through her makeup bag 5453d367a6dfde507e9f962d
Wedding rings placed on special stands 5453d353a6dfde507e9f9622
A bride and groom hold hands 5453d350a6dfde507e9f961f
Close up of hands holding kittens 54515535a6dfde507e9f91a3


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