The art of cooking

Close-up of woman's hands as slicing dill in kitchen Lucy Schaeffer 51af54c1c21614da100001c3
Preparing thumbprint cookies with various jam types at home Lucy Schaeffer 51af54c4c21614da100001d1
Demonstration of cooked lobster above the pot Zach DeSart 51ae0cd73e59b7d15e00009c
Woman's hands chopping celery root on white background Zach DeSart 51ae0cd2f0f5cde81000007e
Preparing mushroom risotto. David Prince 50cb96b04c612f1e200006e2
White beet being cut, Sweden 5106ef20df7c376113000173
Sliced small tomatoes, Sweden 5106ef205b04bd743e000173
Close up of hands skinning coconut Anna Williams 5149ed5373ebcbc55e00012b
Preparation of mashed potato with peas. Anna Williams 50fee930331473c14c0006d8
Cooking process shot of fingerling potatoes being covered in salt in a black skillet Maura McEvoy 50cb927d383d8130200005ab
A chocolate cake being glazed 5109752a5b04bd743e003f0b
Shaping pizza dough (throwing it in the air) 5109752c0b7a0b7e060032ac
Opening scallops 5109752d0b7a0b7e060032b2
Nibbled toast with hazelnut and chocolate spread Evi Abeler 51150d26d9627ba006002549
Woman pulling jars out of large pot Anna Williams 5149ed385734bc8c3b000077
Mid adult man frying food Apelöga 5127f8a0d9627ba006003a47
Preparation of food in a fry pan. Anna Williams 50fee930bd95ae304d0006d7
A woman holding a whole roasted stuffed turkey on a baking dish Sheri Giblin 513756c3aa4243ef6700047d
Woman holding a bowl of spicy Mexican tortilla soup topped with tortilla strips Anna Williams 5149ed47493164a53b0000de
Colorful vegetables and raw ingredients for fried rice David Prince 50cb9f14383d813020000a6d
Night feeding: preparing alcoholic cocktail Zach DeSart 51ae0cdd3e59b7d15e0000b4
Sponge cake rolling up. Anna Williams 50f9de7f19c1b0cd1200047b
A hand while harvesting carrot. Anna Williams 50f9de8e19c1b0cd120005dc
Sliced raw oxtail prepared with spices on parchment Hector Sanchez 5193d527bf0a68690b01275c
A sitting woman preparing dinner David Prince 50cb96b1383d813020000729
Baker Spreading Flour on Counter 516880e0165bd53e5f00095f
Woman Cooking A Meal Over An Open Fire In Laos Jonathan Clark 5138f435aa304d833e000086
Hand of a cook caramelizing sugar on top of creme brulee Anna Williams 5149ed6b73ebcbc55e0001d5
Little Girl Baking Christmas Cookies 511d60a00b7a0b7e060067f3
Close up of hands peeling green asparagus Susan Pittard 51a8c6bb1c9a03f636000173
Chef chopping courgettes 51a7daf1934a9e9008000040
Overhead view of hand spreading vegetables on baking sheet Con Poulos 51a76b3059389a7a7700003e
Glass of Shipwreck cocktail Dina Avila 5178140a9133eb2f5f00a67b
Curry Selection at Amangalla, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka 5150770f7e53f86435000001
Close-up of man flipping beef with tongs on barbecue grill 5127f9e00b7a0b7e060072ea
Men cooking while children looking at camping site Katja Kircher 5127f9df0b7a0b7e060072e2
Hunted birds with pile of raw vegetables David Prince 50cbb11b4c612f1e20000efb
Hands peeling roasted pepper David Prince 50cb96b4383d813020000813
Pile of fresh-looking garlics. David Prince 50cbb11c4c612f1e20000f55
Boy rolling dough on kitchen counter Erika Ray 50d23defe53427767700010c
Different kind of harvested zucchini and herb in a bowl. Anna Williams 50f46dc85fe20ec75b000610
Close up of hands making pinwheel cookie Anna Williams 50f46dcc5fe20ec75b0006a2
Action shot of hands preparing a pie on a floured surface. James Ransom 50bf9ddf8ee60d6b6e00001b
Cleaning a filet of striped bass James Ransom 50bf9de18ee60d6b6e00009b
Beating raw eggs in a mixing bowl James Ransom 50bf9de28ee60d6b6e0000f1
Cracking an egg into a bowl James Ransom 50bf9de292d9852c6f0000f9
Detail of a hand using a heart shape cookie cutter Tobias Titz 50cba114383d813020000acf
Making pizza dough on a wooden surface Andrew Purcell 50d47c0be53427767700049d
Woman Cooking In The Kitchen 515205c2ceb1b6c23d0023fe
Rows of Sake Cured Chinook Salmon Dina Avila 519555dbb8cc748c1b0000a8
Preparation of Beef Tartare Dina Avila 519555dc3c7aa18d1b0000aa
Fresh, homemade Seeded Crackers Dina Avila 5178140b214c855a0b00a673
Back View of Bakers Preparing Bread 511d609f0b7a0b7e060067ef
Side view of woman putting mayonnaise onto sage leaves Dina Avila 5178140bbf0a68690b00a66d
Close up of mushrooms being cut Craig Orsini 51a90a187052892c37000307
Sticking crab with tongs into boiling water Susan Pittard 51a8c6bf7052892c3700012a
Prepared Beef Tartare Dina Avila 519555dc24c2cff96c0000a8
Fresh peeled fish prepared for cooking Evi Abeler 51150d26d16080ac06002555
Red pomegranate arils on rusty surface Dina Avila 5178140bbf0a68690b00a671
Action shot of hands preparing a pie on a floured surface James Ransom 50bf9ddf92d9852c6f00001f
Asian male chef seasoning food Andersen Ross 50f740038c9743ea150001ee
A frying pan with a fresh egg in its shell. James Ransom 50bf9ddf8ee60d6b6e000043