Aurora Kroon

  • Illustrator
  • Conceptual, Portraiture, Still-life
  • Malmö, Sweden




Aurora is a Sweden-based freelance illustrator, working as an art director and designer at various lifestyle and fashion magazines. Her watercolor imagery comes alive on the page, with brushstrokes portraying movement in scenes inspired by fashion and the female form.

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Blue snowflakesBlue snowflakes
Various shapes of cookie cuttersVarious shapes of cookie cutters
Various cosmetic productsVarious cosmetic products
Illustration of blue ice cubesIllustration of blue ice cubes
Illustration of a woman texting on her smartphoneIllustration of a woman texting on her smartphone
Illustration of a woman working at a computerIllustration of a woman working at a computer
Three faceless women in fashionable gownsThree faceless women in fashionable gowns


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