Ben O'Brien

  • Illustrator
  • Animals, Landscape
  • Frome, United Kingdom




Ben is enamored with shapes, form, movement and color. Forms like the tip of a pine-tree, the wave before it drops, the corner of a building, the curve of an eyebrow, and colors found in kingfisher feathers, new sneakers, sunrises, and Lego blocks often inspire his illustration. His experience in illustration includes a solid understanding of commercial design, the visual arts, and successful business practice. He does it all: from editorial and advertising to interiors and fashion to surface patterns and murals.

83  images

Tree on a hillside in springTree on a hillside in spring
Worms eating a leaf and spelling out loveWorms eating a leaf and spelling out love
Illustration of snow covered mountains and waterIllustration of snow covered mountains and water
Illustration of mountains, trees and streamsIllustration of mountains, trees and streams
Illustration of a forestIllustration of a forest
Illustration of skateboarders doing tricksIllustration of skateboarders doing tricks
Rainbow with white clouds and blue skyRainbow with white clouds and blue sky
Ocean wave in magentaOcean wave in magenta
Sailboats sailing the oceanSailboats sailing the ocean
Mice climbing a plant stalkMice climbing a plant stalk
View of coastline at sunsetView of coastline at sunset
Fox in a forestFox in a forest
Snow covered mountain landscapeSnow covered mountain landscape
Sea otters in the waterSea otters in the water
Cottage in the countrysideCottage in the countryside
Path through green meadows and rolling hillsPath through green meadows and rolling hills
Landscape with a waterfallLandscape with a waterfall
Flock of geese flyingFlock of geese flying
Penguin leaping out of the waterPenguin leaping out of the water
Brightly colored swimming fishBrightly colored swimming fish
Pattern with tropical island motifsPattern with tropical island motifs
Illustration of a pink owlIllustration of a pink owl
Bunnies in a psychedelic landscapeBunnies in a psychedelic landscape
Illustration of a blue owlIllustration of a blue owl
Illustration of a bird foragingIllustration of a bird foraging
Sunrise over a psychedelic landscapeSunrise over a psychedelic landscape
Snow covered tree in winterSnow covered tree in winter
Tree in a field in summerTree in a field in summer
Tree in a field in autumnTree in a field in autumn
Tree with birds in the springTree with birds in the spring
Mountain landscape with a roadMountain landscape with a road
Cascading waterfallsCascading waterfalls
Magical forest illustrationMagical forest illustration
Illustration of a sharkIllustration of a shark
Illustration of a magical forestIllustration of a magical forest
Illustration of a sea horseIllustration of a sea horse
Illustration of a swimming turtleIllustration of a swimming turtle
Illustration of a deerIllustration of a deer
Illustration of a polar bearIllustration of a polar bear
Killer whale leaping out of the waterKiller whale leaping out of the water
Profile of a panda bearProfile of a panda bear
Portrait of a parrotPortrait of a parrot
Two parakeets perched on a branchTwo parakeets perched on a branch
Illustration of a llamaIllustration of a llama
Illustration of a lionfishIllustration of a lionfish
Illustration of a koala bearIllustration of a koala bear
Illustration of a bird catching a fishIllustration of a bird catching a fish
Illustration of a birdIllustration of a bird


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