Billy Hayes

  • Illustrator
  • Animals, Conceptual
  • Fort Worth, TX, United States




Chicken Billy’s art is a reflection of himself. Every piece has to do with where he’s at mentally and spiritually. He first lets the lines flow subconsciously, then selects what’s best and crafts a design. His influences are Mondrian, Miró and Van Gogh, who showed him how much power simple bold color can have if placed and arranged in a dynamic way. The result is a spiritual symphony of shapes and colors that cannot help but inspire.

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A non figurative yetiA non figurative yeti
Cheerful monkey standingCheerful monkey standing
A buffalo soldierA buffalo soldier
Vision of a vulture with spreading wingsVision of a vulture with spreading wings
Mad gorilla roaringMad gorilla roaring
Colorful kurbits flower decorationColorful kurbits flower decoration
A colorful cobra portraitA colorful cobra portrait
A grackle bird walkingA grackle bird walking
A hawk flyingA hawk flying
A brown roadrunnerA brown roadrunner
A war eagle portraitA war eagle portrait
A frozen polar bear robotA frozen polar bear robot
Owl flying in the nightOwl flying in the night
An alienAn alien
A king with happy faceA king with happy face
Colorful birdman with wingsColorful birdman with wings
Montezuma, the Aztec emperorMontezuma, the Aztec emperor
Colorful tribal chief maskColorful tribal chief mask
Colorful mask resembling a supercentenarian humanColorful mask resembling a supercentenarian human
A falcon with spreading wingsA falcon with spreading wings
A laughing human-like characterA laughing human-like character
Vibrant colored maskVibrant colored mask
Roaring grizzly bearRoaring grizzly bear
Roaring wild tigerRoaring wild tiger
Odin the WandererOdin the Wanderer
Colorful Cheshire catColorful Cheshire cat
Day of the Dead SkullDay of the Dead Skull
Smiling multicolor sunSmiling multicolor sun
Roaring lionRoaring lion
Calm lionessCalm lioness
Squirrel Skeleton with FlowersSquirrel Skeleton with Flowers
Hound dog portraitHound dog portrait
A colorful tarantula spiderA colorful tarantula spider
Portrait of a walrusPortrait of a walrus
A portrait of a CougarA portrait of a Cougar
A pit bull dog portraitA pit bull dog portrait
A house fly from aboveA house fly from above
A mexican wolf portraitA mexican wolf portrait
A portrait of a llamaA portrait of a llama
A mexican mask with big eyesA mexican mask with big eyes
Bat with huge wingsBat with huge wings
A bobcat walkingA bobcat walking
A bulldog portraitA bulldog portrait
A coyote walkingA coyote walking
A coyote headA coyote head
Spirit MaskSpirit Mask
A raccoon portraitA raccoon portrait
A bobcat portraitA bobcat portrait


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