Brian Wood-Koiwa

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  • Tokyo, Japan




Brian is a Tokyo-based photographer who has lived, worked, and traveled around the world. Today, his photography is inspired by the juxtaposition of the ultra-modern and the traditional aspects visible in Tokyo: the temples and shrines that dot the city with the vertical steel and glass bones of the city. He calls his photographic style “urban weird” emphasizing the phantasmagorical of the banal through composition and post-processing in the digital darkroom. He also enjoys photographing the sublime natural wonders that surround Tokyo.

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Small boat and boathouse on pond at Rikugien, TokyoSmall boat and boathouse on pond at Rikugien, Tokyo
Shibuya Crossing in TokyoShibuya Crossing in Tokyo
Houses in Japanese mountain villageHouses in Japanese mountain village
Snowy Japanese village in mountainsSnowy Japanese village in mountains
Towers and stormy sky in TokyoTowers and stormy sky in Tokyo
Elevated highway and buildings, TokyoElevated highway and buildings, Tokyo
Main temple complex of Senso-ji temple, TokyoMain temple complex of Senso-ji temple, Tokyo
Buddhist nun begging for alms, TokyoBuddhist nun begging for alms, Tokyo
View of Tokyo from aboveView of Tokyo from above
Kegon Falls, Nikko, JapanKegon Falls, Nikko, Japan
Man under streetlight in park, TokyoMan under streetlight in park, Tokyo
Elderly lady looking across Sumida River in TokyoElderly lady looking across Sumida River in Tokyo
Woman in kimono at temple, TokyoWoman in kimono at temple, Tokyo
Island formations off Japanese coastIsland formations off Japanese coast
Moss-covered stone lanterns, Hakone, JapanMoss-covered stone lanterns, Hakone, Japan
Smoke in Buddhist templeSmoke in Buddhist temple
Beckoning cat figurines, TokyoBeckoning cat figurines, Tokyo
Person on stairs by temple gate, TokyoPerson on stairs by temple gate, Tokyo
Shutter and cone, TokyoShutter and cone, Tokyo
Office buildings with reflections, TokyoOffice buildings with reflections, Tokyo
Dawn over Tokyo, JapanDawn over Tokyo, Japan
Bird's eye view of TokyoBird's eye view of Tokyo
Tall office tower in TokyoTall office tower in Tokyo
Usui Pass vista in JapanUsui Pass vista in Japan
Looking down on elevated expressway, TokyoLooking down on elevated expressway, Tokyo
Office tower in Shiodome, TokyoOffice tower in Shiodome, Tokyo
Buildings in Tokyo skylineBuildings in Tokyo skyline
Couple under Torii gates, JapanCouple under Torii gates, Japan
Office complex in the rain, TokyoOffice complex in the rain, Tokyo
Skyscrapers and elevated expressway, TokyoSkyscrapers and elevated expressway, Tokyo
Office tower shrouded in fog, TokyoOffice tower shrouded in fog, Tokyo
Galleria at Opera City, TokyoGalleria at Opera City, Tokyo
Buddhist statues at Gokoku-ji temple, TokyoBuddhist statues at Gokoku-ji temple, Tokyo
Concrete stairway, TokyoConcrete stairway, Tokyo
Wisp of cloud over farm, Nagano, JapanWisp of cloud over farm, Nagano, Japan
Dried porcupine fish, TokyoDried porcupine fish, Tokyo
Meganebashi bridge near Usui Pass, JapanMeganebashi bridge near Usui Pass, Japan
Tree and power lines in fog, JapanTree and power lines in fog, Japan
Sunlight through autumn leavesSunlight through autumn leaves
Guard walking underneath overhang, TokyoGuard walking underneath overhang, Tokyo
Clouds across Mt. Fuji, JapanClouds across Mt. Fuji, Japan
Lake with Mount Fuji in backgroundLake with Mount Fuji in background
Couple in winter shrine grounds, TokyoCouple in winter shrine grounds, Tokyo
Concrete office tower, Tokyo, JapanConcrete office tower, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Monorail with apartments behindTokyo Monorail with apartments behind
Misty mountain road, JapanMisty mountain road, Japan
Central Tokyo from aboveCentral Tokyo from above
Stormy sunset in Nishi-shinjuku, TokyoStormy sunset in Nishi-shinjuku, Tokyo


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