Bruce Peterson

  • Photographer
  • Conceptual, Still-life
  • Boston, MA, United States




Bruce is an award-winning photographer whose work has been honored several times in commercial and industry-specific shows and annuals. As an artist, he responds to shape, line and texture, and he always gives light a physical presence in his photos. He is impressed with detail and renders it well, believing it takes a sophisticated approach to reach a simple solution.

235  images

Egg carton in vibrant colorsEgg carton in vibrant colors
A fire hydrant in studio shotA fire hydrant in studio shot
Plastic utensils in a bagPlastic utensils in a bag
Wilting flowers in a vaseWilting flowers in a vase
Symbols for printing pressSymbols for printing press
Plastic bottles with waterPlastic bottles with water
An empty water bottleAn empty water bottle
Empty plastic water bottleEmpty plastic water bottle
Water bottle on black and white backgroundWater bottle on black and white background
A vacuum sealed doughnutA vacuum sealed doughnut
Vacuum sealed rosesVacuum sealed roses
A piece of cooked steakA piece of cooked steak
Test tubes with waterTest tubes with water
Soccer shoe with dirty bottomSoccer shoe with dirty bottom
A squished jelly donutA squished jelly donut
Stack of s'mores on white backgroundStack of s'mores on white background
A pizza on a white backgroundA pizza on a white background
Night light in wall socketNight light in wall socket
Night light in wall plugNight light in wall plug
Magnifying glass on white backgroundMagnifying glass on white background
A light bulb on white backgroundA light bulb on white background
Blue hat with feathersBlue hat with feathers
Jelly bean jar on dark backgroundJelly bean jar on dark background
Ice cream cone with two flavorsIce cream cone with two flavors
Ice cube melting in glassIce cube melting in glass
An ice cream sundaeAn ice cream sundae
Various cocktails with black backgroundVarious cocktails with black background
A glass half full of waterA glass half full of water
Donuts hanging from threadDonuts hanging from thread
A full glass of waterA full glass of water
A round fruit tartA round fruit tart
A dropped ice cream coneA dropped ice cream cone
Artichoke pieces on white backgroundArtichoke pieces on white background
Jump rope on white backgroundJump rope on white background
A deflated footballA deflated football
Several doughnuts on light backgroundSeveral doughnuts on light background
Whole and ground coffeeWhole and ground coffee
A broken water glassA broken water glass
A cheese board on groundA cheese board on ground
A handgun with wiresA handgun with wires
Ballerina's foot en pointeBallerina's foot en pointe
Five deviled eggsFive deviled eggs
Avocado half with pitAvocado half with pit
Three glass shelves of different kinds of yogurt containersThree glass shelves of different kinds of yogurt containers
Yogurt containers of different sizes and shapes on glass shelvesYogurt containers of different sizes and shapes on glass shelves
Backlit yogurt container on black backgroundBacklit yogurt container on black background
Yogurt container on black backgroundYogurt container on black background
Red high heeled sandal on mossy rocksRed high heeled sandal on mossy rocks


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