Carole Poirot

  • Photographer
  • Food, Lifestyle
  • London, United Kingdom




Born in Paris, France, Carole lived in Germany for a large part of her life before calling London her home. There she lives with her partner and son and works as a freelance prop stylist and photographer. She is passionate about interiors and food as well as capturing people in everyday situations. Because styling and photography go hand-in-hand for the genres of lifestyle, interior, and food, she is able to offer a combination of skill sets to her clients—restaurants, independent retailers, and large companies—and work on exciting projects in return.

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Rose poached peaches and cardamom riceRose poached peaches  and cardamom rice
Honey and thyme madeleinesHoney and thyme madeleines
Ginger meringue kisses with cranberry buttercreamGinger meringue kisses with cranberry buttercream
Buildings in Monsaraz, PortugalBuildings in Monsaraz, Portugal
Old buildings in Monsaraz, PortugalOld buildings in Monsaraz, Portugal
Coconut panna cottaCoconut panna cotta
Partially cut down tree in the countryside in PortugalPartially cut down tree in the countryside in Portugal
Caramelized carrots and garlicCaramelized carrots and garlic
Cast iron pan containing remnants of roasted vegetablesCast iron pan containing remnants of roasted vegetables
Close-up of oysters on a plateClose-up of oysters on a plate
Oysters on a plateOysters on a plate
Lamb and roasted vegetablesLamb and roasted vegetables
Masala chai advocaatMasala chai advocaat
Cucumber and apple granitaCucumber and apple granita
Coconut panna cotta close-upCoconut panna cotta close-up
Coconut panna cottaCoconut panna cotta
Chocolate and berry pavlovaChocolate and berry pavlova
Cinnamon toffee applesCinnamon toffee apples
Sage mini buns with a brown butterSage mini buns with a brown butter
Dining room table set for dinnerDining room table set for dinner
Avocado, watercress, and lemongrass soupAvocado, watercress, and lemongrass soup


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