Charlotte Green

  • Photographer
  • Family, Lifestyle, Portraiture
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Charlotte is a Newborn & Family Lifestyle photographer, now based in South East England. She started her photography journey in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she instantly fell in love with the candid style and fell into lifestyle photography using natural light. As well as creating beautiful memories for many families, she is however very passionate about capturing her own family and finding beauty in their everyday lives.

180  images

Girl on playground rope bridgeGirl on playground rope bridge
Girl in coat in wooded settingGirl in coat in wooded setting
Girl in coat going outsideGirl in coat going outside
Girl looking into tube slideGirl looking into tube slide
Girl in a coat holding dandelionGirl in a coat holding dandelion
A girl on coat in doorwayA girl on coat in doorway
Girl in coat holding dandelionGirl in coat holding dandelion
Girl picking dandelions in a yardGirl picking dandelions in a yard
Girl in tutu in party settingGirl in tutu in party setting
Kids playing with toys on babyKids playing with toys on baby
A baby's bare feetA baby's bare feet
Kids on bed showing bottomsKids on bed showing bottoms
Girl walking near riverGirl walking near river
Man holding girl in archwayMan holding girl in archway
Girl in cat costume looking downGirl in cat costume looking down
Girl standing in cat costumeGirl standing in cat costume
Girl in cat outfit outsideGirl in cat outfit outside
Girl with stick horse at windowGirl with stick horse at window
Woman and girl watching babyWoman and girl watching baby
Woman with baby on tableWoman with baby on table
Woman cradling a young babyWoman cradling a young baby
Woman bonding with babyWoman bonding with baby
Girl looking closely at infantGirl looking closely at infant
Woman and baby bondingWoman and baby bonding
Girl watching infant on tableGirl watching infant on table
Infant napping on tableInfant napping on table
Grandpa holding on to newbornGrandpa holding on to newborn
Infant in blankets on tableInfant in blankets on table
Grandpa holding a newbornGrandpa holding a newborn
Girl eating sitting in woman's lapGirl eating sitting in woman's lap
Girl in tutu doing down stepsGirl in tutu doing down steps
Girl hugging another in tutuGirl hugging another in tutu
Girl in tutu resting on stepsGirl in tutu resting on steps
Girls on stairs in ballet outfitsGirls on stairs in ballet outfits
Girl watching man drink from cupGirl watching man drink from cup
Girl in tutu on one legGirl in tutu on one leg
Girl in tutu in a studioGirl in tutu in a studio
Girl at mirror in ballet dressGirl at mirror in ballet dress
Girl in tutu at ballet mirrorGirl in tutu at ballet mirror
Girl in tutu by ballet mirrorGirl in tutu by ballet mirror
Feet of a baby in striped pantsFeet of a baby in striped pants
Girl in tutu climbing windowGirl in tutu climbing window
Feet of baby in striped pantsFeet of baby in striped pants
Baby's legs in striped pantsBaby's legs in striped pants
Baby in striped pants on bedBaby in striped pants on bed
Girl at window readingGirl at window reading
Girl holding newborn's handGirl holding newborn's hand
Girl watching sleeping newbornGirl watching sleeping newborn


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