David duChemin

  • Photographer
  • Animals, Travel, Wildlife
  • Victoria, B.C, Canada




David is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer and the best-selling author of “Within the Frame.” Based in Vancouver, Canada, he leads a semi-nomadic life chasing compelling images on all seven continents. He creates powerful images that convey the hope and dignity of children, the vulnerable and the oppressed. He strives to capture the beauty of the natural world, hoping to contribute to the effort to save it.

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Hagia Sophia silhouetted, Istanbul, TurkeyHagia Sophia silhouetted, Istanbul, Turkey
Hagia Sophia in silhouette in IstanbulHagia Sophia in silhouette in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia silhouetted, IstanbulHagia Sophia silhouetted, Istanbul
Hookahs in line in windowHookahs in line in window
Hookahs lined up in windowHookahs lined up in window
Low angle of Hagia Sophia, IstanbulLow angle of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Leopard in a tree at sunset in KenyaLeopard in a tree at sunset in Kenya
Leopard in tree with glowing sunsetLeopard in tree with glowing sunset
Leopard in a tree at sunset, KenyaLeopard in a tree at sunset, Kenya
Leopard in tree at sunset, KenyaLeopard in tree at sunset, Kenya
African leopard in tree, KenyaAfrican leopard in tree, Kenya
African leopard on tree branchAfrican leopard on tree branch
Leopard silhouetted in treeLeopard silhouetted in tree
African leopard lying in treeAfrican leopard lying in tree
African leopard in treeAfrican leopard in tree
African leopard in a treeAfrican leopard in a tree
Baby elephant with motherBaby elephant with mother
Baby elephant feeding with motherBaby elephant feeding with mother
A plane at sunset, KenyaA plane at sunset, Kenya
Baby elephant nursing with motherBaby elephant nursing with mother
Giraffes silhouetted by sun, KenyaGiraffes silhouetted by sun, Kenya
Sea lion swimming underwaterSea lion swimming underwater
Sea lion underwaterSea lion underwater
Sea lion underwater, CanadaSea lion underwater, Canada
Sea lions in the ocean, CanadaSea lions in the ocean, Canada
Sea lions underwater, CanadaSea lions underwater, Canada
Sea lions swimming underwaterSea lions swimming underwater
Sea lions swimming in seaSea lions swimming in sea
Sea lions swimming, CanadaSea lions swimming, Canada
Steller sea lion swimming underwaterSteller sea lion swimming underwater
Steller sea lion underwater, CanadaSteller sea lion underwater, Canada
Steller sea lion underwaterSteller sea lion underwater
Steller sea lions underwater, CanadaSteller sea lions underwater, Canada
Steller sea lions underwaterSteller sea lions underwater
Steller sea lions swimming underwaterSteller sea lions swimming underwater
Steller sea lions swimming in seaSteller sea lions swimming in sea
Steller sea lions swimmingSteller sea lions swimming
Van seen from tunnel, RomeVan seen from tunnel, Rome
Motorcycles on street, RomeMotorcycles on street, Rome
Wet tables and chairs, RomeWet tables and chairs, Rome
St. Peter's basilica and columnsSt. Peter's basilica and columns
Front of old car, Rome, ItalyFront of old car, Rome, Italy
Montepulciano, Tuscany, ItalyMontepulciano, Tuscany, Italy
A closed caf_ in ItalyA closed caf_ in Italy
Buildings reflected in Italian windowBuildings reflected in Italian window
Variety of men's shoes, ItalyVariety of men's shoes, Italy
Tree branch over Italian shoreTree branch over Italian shore


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