Greg Balkin

  • Photographer
  • Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature
  • Playa Del Rey, CA, United States




Whether he’s sleeping under the stars or road tripping with his friends, Greg has his camera by his side and loves capturing the whole story. His goal is to create a connection between people and the world around them, inspiring everyone to step outside and seek out new adventures.

227  images

Person in hammock on lake shorePerson in hammock on lake shore
Archway Islands in New ZealandArchway Islands in New Zealand
Archway Islands, New ZealandArchway Islands, New Zealand
People in hammocks in woodsPeople in hammocks in woods
Kayaker near a waterfallKayaker near a waterfall
Peaks reflected on waterPeaks reflected on water
Plane wings over mountain rangePlane wings over mountain range
Glowing shelter under starry skyGlowing shelter under starry sky
People in plane by mountainsPeople in plane by mountains
Kayakers on winter lakeKayakers on winter lake
Hiker on a mountain ridgeHiker on a mountain ridge
Camper on mountain overlookCamper on mountain overlook
Campers over a mountain valleyCampers over a mountain valley
Camper over a mountain vistaCamper over a mountain vista
Campers under a starry skyCampers under a starry sky
Sunbeams over majestic mountainsSunbeams over majestic mountains
Sunlight over majestic mountainsSunlight over majestic mountains
Sleeping bags in mountain prairieSleeping bags in mountain prairie
Sleeping bag and sandals in fieldSleeping bag and sandals in field
Small peaked roof structureSmall peaked roof structure
Person holding fishing netPerson holding fishing net
Pole markers along beachPole markers along beach
Forest coastline along seaForest coastline along sea
People by tropical beach cabanasPeople by tropical beach cabanas
Boats along a tropical shoreBoats along a tropical shore
Woman walking a tropical beachWoman walking a tropical beach
Raised huts on tropical shoreRaised huts on tropical shore
River rapids in winter woodsRiver rapids in winter woods
Person silhouetted in oceanPerson silhouetted in ocean
Dog near beach structures, PhilippinesDog near beach structures, Philippines
Person silhouetted in seaPerson silhouetted in sea
River winding in mountain peaksRiver winding in mountain peaks
Structure in ocean, PhilippinesStructure in ocean, Philippines
Jagged peaks over a riverJagged peaks over a river
Jagged peaks over riverJagged peaks over river
Woman on a rugged trailWoman on a rugged trail
Man staring out to seaMan staring out to sea
Woman in hammock on seaWoman in hammock on sea
Woman in a hammock on seaWoman in a hammock on sea
Woman on hammock over seaWoman on hammock over sea
Woman skiing in snowy mountainsWoman skiing in snowy mountains
Person in hammock in winterPerson in hammock in winter
Dog in snowy mountain settingDog in snowy mountain setting
Flowering bush from aboveFlowering bush from above
Woman skiing in snowy valleyWoman skiing in snowy valley
A fern leaf in close upA fern leaf in close up
Grassy prairie and mountainsGrassy prairie and mountains
Ocean waves and rock formationsOcean waves and rock formations
People carrying kayaks near shorePeople carrying kayaks near shore


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