Iker Spozio

  • Illustrator
  • Conceptual, Painting, Portraiture
  • London, United Kingdom




Iker is an illustrator, engraver and painter whose work is inspired by music. He designed and did the artwork for The Ptolemaic Terrascope, an English psychedelic music magazine; worked for record labels including Deutsche Grammophon; created materials for clubs and venues across Europe; and collaborated with Colleen, Hauschka and other artists. His illustrations have appeared in many publications, including Le Monde, El País and books by Taschen.

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Graphic illustration of two womenGraphic illustration of two women
Woman with radiating lines and blocksWoman with radiating lines and blocks
Illustration of man playing flute under treeIllustration of man playing flute under tree
Woman with rainbow hairWoman with rainbow hair
Woman's face in 1960's designWoman's face in 1960's design
Illustration of woman with flowing hairIllustration of woman with flowing hair
Graphic design of womanGraphic design of woman
Illustration of retro womanIllustration of retro woman
Woman's face in abstractWoman's face in abstract
Illustration of resting womanIllustration of resting woman
Abstract illustration of pensive womanAbstract illustration of pensive woman
Abstract illustration of woman's faceAbstract illustration of woman's face
Illustration of woman with radiating linesIllustration of woman with radiating lines
Creepy illustration of womanCreepy illustration of woman
Striking illustration of womanStriking illustration of woman
Abstract artwork of woman in doorwayAbstract artwork of woman in doorway
Illustration of woman blowing kissIllustration of woman blowing kiss
Abstract artwork of woman listening to musicAbstract artwork of woman listening to music
Geometric illustration of womanGeometric illustration of woman
Woman's face with wavy linesWoman's face with wavy lines
Illustration of woman sitting in dressIllustration of woman sitting in dress
Illustration of two women in movementIllustration of two women in movement
Abstract illustration of two womenAbstract illustration of two women
Illustration of woman in profileIllustration of woman in profile
Illustration of woman checking her hairIllustration of woman checking her hair
Geometric illustration of femaleGeometric illustration of female
Woman's face and paint splattersWoman's face and paint splatters
Abstract woman's head and hairAbstract woman's head and hair
Artwork of woman and branchesArtwork of woman and branches
Artwork of woman sitting on moonArtwork of woman sitting on moon
Illustration of woman and horse headIllustration of woman and horse head
Illustration of woman's faceIllustration of woman's face


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