Ingrid Bockting

  • Illustrator
  • Conceptual, Fashion, Portraiture
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands




Ingrid’s illustrations are a celebration of modern womanhood. Her style is clean and vibrant, combining rich color palettes with quiet surfaces and feminine shapes. For over twenty years, she has created illustrations for a large variety of clients, including business magazines, fashion companies, and large publishing houses. Her work is regularly featured in international publications and has appeared in every edition of Glamour Magazine to date.

149  images

Woman with turkey by Christmas treeWoman with turkey by Christmas tree
Woman with silhouette Christmas guestsWoman with silhouette Christmas guests
Woman with cake and Christmas objectsWoman with cake and Christmas objects
Woman having drink in Christmas settingWoman having drink in Christmas setting
Woman in dress holding Christmas presentWoman in dress holding Christmas present
Dressed up couple with drinksDressed up couple with drinks
Woman with balloons for 40th birthdayWoman with balloons for 40th birthday
Dressed up women with drinksDressed up women with drinks
Busy woman with baby cookingBusy woman with baby cooking
Woman at desk with computerWoman at desk with computer
Woman shooting arrow at manWoman shooting arrow at man
Woman riding sleigh with giftsWoman riding sleigh with gifts
Woman dropping books getting kickedWoman dropping books getting kicked
Woman carrying hobo bagWoman carrying hobo bag
Woman covered in symbolsWoman covered in symbols
Woman jumping over old womanWoman jumping over old woman
Woman attached to ball and chainWoman attached to ball and chain
Stylish woman roasting marshmallowStylish woman roasting marshmallow
Woman carrying pig by bubblesWoman carrying pig by bubbles
Woman with top hat and cigarWoman with top hat and cigar
Woman in classic detective clothingWoman in classic detective clothing
Woman deciding on an outfitWoman deciding on an outfit
Stylish woman holding power toolStylish woman holding power tool
Woman in coat holding large malletWoman in coat holding large mallet
Stylish woman in helmet marchingStylish woman in helmet marching
Woman with dog spray paintingWoman with dog spray painting
Woman knitting her sweaterWoman knitting her sweater
Woman holding a giant magnifying lensWoman holding a giant magnifying lens
Woman with three handbagsWoman with three handbags
Woman balancing eating by birdWoman balancing eating by bird
Women holding dirty numbered shirtsWomen holding dirty numbered shirts
Woman on bike by parrotWoman on bike by parrot
Woman in warrior's gear by clothesWoman in warrior's gear by clothes
Women smoking and drinking by toiletWomen smoking and drinking by toilet
Women in various outfitsWomen in various outfits
Fat cat on woman's lapFat cat on woman's lap
Woman in dress with chicken on headWoman in dress with chicken on head
Woman in shades and a hatWoman in shades and a hat
Women kissing under a heartWomen kissing under a heart
Woman with backpack carrying beersWoman with backpack carrying beers
Woman running with phone by childWoman running with phone by child
Stylish women playing tennisStylish women playing tennis
Woman filling suitcase too fullWoman filling suitcase too full
Woman in midst of cleaningWoman in midst of cleaning
Woman at bar with phone watching birdWoman at bar with phone watching bird
Woman carrying cat in carrierWoman carrying cat in carrier
Pregnant woman on bike with childPregnant woman on bike with child
Woman leaping over a fenceWoman leaping over a fence


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