Irene Servillo

  • Illustrator
  • Conceptual
  • Napels, Italy




Irene is a Naples, Italy-based illustrator who makes dreamy and whimsical images from cut paper, paint, and pencil. Inspired by the people and culture surrounding her, vibrant color, folk-tales, and Henri Matisse, she takes great pride in color and composition when assembling various media into her cut-up scenes.

33  images

People in a city streetPeople in a city street
Crying woman sitting on manCrying woman sitting on man
Man doing yoga on rooftopMan doing yoga on rooftop
Two birds cheeping in bushTwo birds cheeping in bush
Woman hiding behind plant during partyWoman hiding behind plant during party
Women connected through phonesWomen connected through phones
Woman lying in sardine can houseWoman lying in sardine can house
Woman sitting seductively by flowersWoman sitting seductively by flowers
Man in mask on tightrope over cityMan in mask on tightrope over city
Woman lounging on chair by plantsWoman lounging on chair by plants
Woman in pajamas sleeping peacefullyWoman in pajamas sleeping peacefully
Angel in pajamas floating over fieldAngel in pajamas floating over field
Various food and seasoningsVarious food and seasonings
Man waving to passing busMan waving to passing bus
Man entering woman's apartment with giftMan entering woman's apartment with gift
Man standing outside home admiring treesMan standing outside home admiring trees
Woman in hat standing among flowersWoman in hat standing among flowers
Steam above teapot showing night skySteam above teapot showing night sky
Two birds together in forestTwo birds together in forest
Snails and strawberries on leavesSnails and strawberries on leaves
Woman carrying large love letterWoman carrying large love letter
Multi cultural people on winding roadMulti cultural people on winding road
Person watching feline in naturePerson watching feline in nature
Witchy woman with kids in woodsWitchy woman with kids in woods
Woman walking in rain among fishWoman walking in rain among fish
Boy riding elephant by forest houseBoy riding elephant by forest house
Various food and seasoning itemsVarious food and seasoning items
Three girls playing in woods by homeThree girls playing in woods by home
Biblical couple bathing in natureBiblical couple bathing in nature
Variety of flowers in bloomVariety of flowers in bloom
Woman surrounded by sand with giftWoman surrounded by sand with gift
Three headed being under messageThree headed being under message
Woman riding christmas treeWoman riding christmas tree


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