Kelci Jun

  • Illustrator
  • Conceptual
  • London, United Kingdom




Kelci Jun is an illustrator, designer and artist based in London. Kelci’s fascination with the art of pattern images began in 2013, when she moved to London. Inspiration has been gathered from visits to many different cities, countries and unique spaces. Kelci’s focuses are on architecture, history, people, languages, characteristics, atmosphere, colours, hidden items and different cultures.

10  images

Symbols representing Venice, ItalySymbols representing Venice, Italy
Symbols representing Padova, ItalySymbols representing Padova, Italy
Symbols representing NorwaySymbols representing Norway
Symbols representing Florence, ItalySymbols representing Florence, Italy
Symbols of Egyptian cultureSymbols of Egyptian culture
Symbols of decorative artsSymbols of decorative arts
Symbols representing Royal Greenwich ObservatorySymbols representing Royal Greenwich Observatory
Repeated symbols of African artifactsRepeated symbols of African artifacts
Symbols representing Brussels, BelgiumSymbols representing Brussels, Belgium
Symbols representing Barcelona, SpainSymbols representing Barcelona, Spain


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