Kimberly Davis

  • Photographer
  • Food, Still-life
  • Austin, TX, United States




Kimberly is an editorial and commercial photographer who specializes in food, interiors, and people. Based in Austin, Texas, Kimberly proudly serves the Austin photo community as President of ASMP Austin/San Antonio, is a producer of Texas Photo Roundup and a collaborator for I Love Texas Photo. Her client list includes AAA, Burberry, Conde Nast Traveller, Cointreau, DIY Network, Hearth & Home, and Yellow Cab.

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Gloucester, Massachussets - July 18, 2011: Boats off the coastGloucester, Massachussets - July 18, 2011: Boats off the coast
Roses on white picket fenceRoses on white picket fence
Hydrangeas in sunlight outdoorsHydrangeas in sunlight outdoors
Roses on a white picket fenceRoses on a white picket fence
Fall leaves on tree against skyFall leaves on tree against sky
Girl in red scarf eating yogurtGirl in red scarf eating yogurt
Hydrangeas growing by fenceHydrangeas growing by fence
Person's hand eating from platePerson's hand eating from plate
Chocolate budino dessert with macaronChocolate budino dessert with macaron
A custard and sorbet dessertA custard and sorbet dessert
Cheese board in a restaurantCheese board in a restaurant
Hand grabbing pulled pork pizzaHand grabbing pulled pork pizza
A cheese board with breadA cheese board with bread
Venison and quail dishVenison and quail dish
Venison and quail dish and sidesVenison and quail dish and sides
A bench in sand dunesA bench in sand dunes
A cocktail in martini glassA cocktail in martini glass
A seagull standing in oceanA seagull standing in ocean
Seagull walking on a beachSeagull walking on a beach
July 13, 2016: Beekeeper using smoker on hiveJuly 13, 2016: Beekeeper using smoker on hive
Honeycombs on table outdoorsHoneycombs on table outdoors
Beehive with queen excluder barrierBeehive with queen excluder barrier
A beehive outdoors on blocksA beehive outdoors on blocks
Beekeeper with honeycomb in handsBeekeeper with honeycomb in hands
Bees putting pollen in honeycombBees putting pollen in honeycomb
Bees crawling on a honeycombBees crawling on a honeycomb
Bee swarming crawling on honeycombBee swarming crawling on honeycomb
Close up of bees on honeycombClose up of bees on honeycomb
Bees crawling on honeycombBees crawling on honeycomb
Beekeeping suit with boxesBeekeeping suit with boxes
Hand holding bar with honeycombHand holding bar with honeycomb
Hand using a bee smokerHand using a bee smoker
Beehives among wildflowers by fenceBeehives among wildflowers by fence
Various Southern food dishesVarious Southern food dishes
Beehive boxes among wildflowersBeehive boxes among wildflowers
Banana pudding and various dessertsBanana pudding and various desserts
Barbeque ribs with picklesBarbeque ribs with pickles
Biscuits with butter and fresh honeyBiscuits with butter and fresh honey
Bees swarming on a tree branchBees swarming on a tree branch
Beehive boxes in close upBeehive boxes in close up
Bees coming out of entrance reducerBees coming out of entrance reducer
Queen bee in a clipQueen bee in a clip
Bee on a bowl of honeyBee on a bowl of honey
Beehive boxes in a yardBeehive boxes in a yard
Beekeeper testing smoker temperatureBeekeeper testing smoker temperature
Bee on a flower petalBee on a flower petal
Bees flying around apiaryBees flying around apiary
Using smoker on a beehiveUsing smoker on a beehive


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