Luca Di Battista

  • Illustrator
  • Berlin, Germany




An Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin, Luca uses metaphor to create conceptual imagery that bends perception through colorful motifs. After obtaining a Masters degree in Creative and Multimedia Design, he began working as a freelance illustrator and designer in 2012. His work has been featured in publications including Picame Magazine, Graphic Art Magazine, and Artconnect Berlin.

13  images

Two chairs stacked among cloudsTwo chairs stacked among clouds
Chicken jumps from a truckChicken jumps from a truck
Hands with toy truck and dinosaurHands with toy truck and dinosaur
Truck carrying logs past stumpsTruck carrying logs past stumps
Truck lights shining on deer on wallTruck lights shining on deer on wall
Matrioska dolls with fig leavesMatrioska dolls with fig leaves
A tree man with bird among branchesA tree man with bird among branches
Floral shirt man with hands in shape of wingsFloral shirt man with hands in shape of wings
Light bulb on stand with orange coverLight bulb on stand with orange cover
Man watching balloon bodyMan watching balloon body
Cigar smoke in form of manCigar smoke in form of man
Man watching a balloon bodyMan watching a balloon body
Doctor with electrocardiogram wrinklesDoctor with electrocardiogram wrinkles


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