Mae Burke

  • Photographer
  • Family, Lifestyle, Portraiture
  • Rockport, TX, United States




Mae is a passionate wife, mother, and artist. Using natural light in intimate environments, she captures the joy, peace, and fulfillment of motherhood that is often lost in the chaos and ensuing exhaustion of daily life. Through simple and emotive portraits, she shares the beauty of motherhood, and in doing so, fulfills what she believes is a greater purpose in her life.

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Small girl wrapped in mom's armsSmall girl wrapped in mom's arms
Mother breastfeeding outsideMother breastfeeding outside
Mother breastfeeding outdoorsMother breastfeeding outdoors
Midsection of couple holding babyMidsection of couple holding baby
Girl doing ballet jumpGirl doing ballet jump
Wind blown of girl by coastWind blown of girl by coast
Woman standing with tree girlsWoman standing with tree girls
Three girls eating popsicles at tableThree girls eating popsicles at table
Bare chested baby in woman's armsBare chested baby in woman's arms
Woman sitting in bed breastfeedingWoman sitting in bed breastfeeding
Girl in pregnant woman's armsGirl in pregnant woman's arms
Mom holding girl closeMom holding girl close
Mom giving toddler a hugMom giving toddler a hug
Mom holding girl tight on beachMom holding girl tight on beach
Three girls lounging in a bedThree girls lounging in a bed
Girl watching movie with familyGirl watching movie with family
Girl in pigtails fast asleepGirl in pigtails fast asleep
Girl peeking out a windowGirl peeking out a window
Girl doing ballet danceGirl doing ballet dance
Girls hugging close on shoreGirls hugging close on shore
Woman and girls on a wood trailWoman and girls on a wood trail
Woman in chair breastfeedingWoman in chair breastfeeding
Redhead girl with braid by hedgeRedhead girl with braid by hedge
Woman sitting on bed breastfeedingWoman sitting on bed breastfeeding
Dad giving girl hug in rural desertDad giving girl hug in rural desert
Dog sitting and looking off into the distanceDog sitting and looking off into the distance
Woman breastfeeding girl in desertWoman breastfeeding girl in desert
Dad giving girl piggyback ride in desertDad giving girl piggyback ride in desert
Man looking at cabbages in gardenMan looking at cabbages in garden
Dog standing among spinach in gardenDog standing among spinach in garden
Desert plants and hillDesert plants and hill
Head of cabbage growing in gardenHead of cabbage growing in garden
Hand pushing back a curtainHand pushing back a curtain
Dog sitting and looking off into the distanceDog sitting and looking off into the distance
Two sisters cuddling in bedTwo sisters cuddling in bed
Girl studying a rockGirl studying a rock
Girls hanging out on beachGirls hanging out on beach
Girl balancing in ocean surfGirl balancing in ocean surf
Girl rinsing veggies in a sinkGirl rinsing veggies in a sink
Girls walking on sandy shoreGirls walking on sandy shore
Girl inspecting butterfly in jarGirl inspecting butterfly in jar
Girls playing with bow and arrowGirls playing with bow and arrow
Baskets of fresh eggs on porchBaskets of fresh eggs on porch
Girl in tutu in a yardGirl in tutu in a yard
Girl learning to tie shoelaceGirl learning to tie shoelace
Girl walking across tree trunkGirl walking across tree trunk
Toddler girl wrapped in a towel by seaToddler girl wrapped in a towel by sea
Young girl standing barefoot on dirt road with a stickYoung girl standing barefoot on dirt road with a stick


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