Sue Demetriou

  • Photographer
  • Nature, Wildlife
  • Stoke Bishop, United Kingdom




Sue first picked up a camera in January 2011 and hasn’t put it down since. She travels around the UK taking photos at wildlife parks and zoos and has some experience in the wild. She says captive photography requires work in Photoshop, which she enjoys immensely and uses to enhance the beauty of the subject. Her work has been published in UK newspapers including The Times and the Sunday Times Magazine.

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Two male lions face to faceTwo male lions face to face
Symmetrical male lions face to faceSymmetrical male lions face to face
Male lion head on dark backgroundMale lion head on dark background
Male lion profile on dark backgroundMale lion profile on dark background
Portrait of a Sumatran tigerPortrait of a Sumatran tiger
Puffin with its wing covering its beakPuffin with its wing covering its beak
Juvenile Sulawesi macaque holding leaf in front of faceJuvenile Sulawesi macaque holding leaf in front of face
Portrait of a baby elephantPortrait of a baby elephant
De Brazza's monkey sitting on branchDe Brazza's monkey sitting on branch
Great spotted woodpecker on treeGreat spotted woodpecker on tree
Squirrel perched on branchSquirrel perched on branch
Squirrel clinging to a treeSquirrel clinging to a tree
Squirrel eating in grassSquirrel eating in grass
Squirrel eating on tree stumpSquirrel eating on tree stump
Squirrel standing by a treeSquirrel standing by a tree
A squirrel standing in snowA squirrel standing in snow
Seal pup on a beachSeal pup on a beach
Pair of puffins on groundPair of puffins on ground
Snake crawling through grassSnake crawling through grass
Adder snake flicking its tongueAdder snake flicking its tongue
Ruff birds fightingRuff birds fighting
Two birds sitting together on branchTwo birds sitting together on branch
Ruff and godwit birds fightingRuff and godwit birds fighting
Dipper bird on rock by waterDipper bird on rock by water
Bee eater bird squawking on branchBee eater bird squawking on branch
Fluffy baby avocet birdFluffy baby avocet bird
Mandrill sitting on top of logMandrill sitting on top of log
Leopard rolling around on groundLeopard rolling around on ground
White owl on fence postWhite owl on fence post
Male lion cleaning his pawsMale lion cleaning his paws
Bird perched sideways on plantBird perched sideways on plant
Two maleTwo male
White bird with black markings perched on plantWhite bird with black markings perched on plant
White bird with black markings on plantWhite bird with black markings on plant
Little mouse perched atop wheat stalkLittle mouse perched atop wheat stalk
Fluffy bird perched on branchFluffy bird perched on branch
Close up of lion's faceClose up of lion's face
Young bird chick standing in grassYoung bird chick standing in grass
Bird on wood by waterBird on wood by water
Young vervet monkey on branchYoung vervet monkey on branch
Bird fluttering wings perched on plantBird fluttering wings perched on plant
Red kite in mid flightRed kite in mid flight
Two lions fighting on the groundTwo lions fighting on the ground
Tawny owl perched on logTawny owl perched on log
Victoria crowned pigeon standing on logVictoria crowned pigeon standing on log
Close up of rhino faceClose up of rhino face
Penguin cleaning its wingPenguin cleaning its wing
Owl perched in hole in treeOwl perched in hole in tree
Close up of African baboon's faceClose up of African baboon's face


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