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Offset is committed to giving world-class artists a platform where their imagery can easily be licensed. We are a destination for exceptional photographers and illustrators to share their craft with the world, influence aesthetic direction, and help narratives take shape. Currently, we are accepting artist applications for new Offset portfolios which will be available on Shutterstock Enterprise. Learn more about our artistic and technical standards.

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Why become an Offset artist?
Offset will market your work to our clients around the world. As an Offset artist, you will have the opportunity to generate income from your existing archive and to let client requests inform and inspire your future work. We work with exceptional artists who are the best in their class in the fields of photography and illustration.
What is Offset looking for in my portfolio?
Offset images are authentic, unique and highly produced. We are seeking storytelling images to help our clients tell their stories. Categories include lifestyle, food, wildlife, travel, fashion, beauty and many more. Please submit images that best represent you and your work.
How do I generate revenue?
Offset’s pricing is simple, straightforward and transparent. Lo-res files (3mb) are licensed for $249 and hi-res files (50mb) for $349. Every time one of your images is downloaded, you generate revenue.
Who are Offset's clients?
Our clients are the world’s top advertising agencies, publishing houses and branding agencies. They are storytellers who use Offset images in powerful and compelling ways.
How does Offset market my work?
Our team aims to introduce you and your work to our clients across the globe! We also highlight our artists across our social media channels. We feature new artists each month in a specific curated collection and also create dedicated emails informing clients of new work on Offset.
Yes, you retain copyright ownership to all content you submit to Offset, and licensing your content through us will not transfer your rights. Offset simply gives customers certain usage rights to your content.
I photograph people but don’t always have model releases, will Offset still accept these images?
Images of identifiable people with model releases are licensed commercially. If your image is newsworthy or covers a specific cultural event and does not have a release, we may license the image for editorial use to newspapers and magazines. When possible, it is always best to get a model release! For a list of releases we accept, please see this list. To download releases in multiple languages please visit our legal center.