Caucasian mother and son playing in desert [ + ] [ - ]

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12-17 months, 45-49 years, alamagordo, arms raised, baby, baby boy, baby boys, barefoot, blonde hair, blue sky, bonding, caucasian, childhood, clear sky, connection, day, desert, embracing, enjoying, family with one child, focus on foreground, full length, happy, holding, lifting, love, mature adult, mature women, mother, new mexico, one parent, outdoors, people, playful, playing, sand, sand dune, smiling, son, standing, sunny, toddler, together, two people, united states, vacations, waist up, woman, 2, 40-45, 40-50, 40's, 40s, 45-50, 50-55, 50-60, 55-60, adoring, adult, affection, america, american, americas, appreciating, arm, bambino, blond, boy, caring, cheerful, cherishing, child, children, cloudless, connecting, connexion, daylight, daytime, devotion, dune, emotion, enjoyment, family, feeling, female, fifties, fifty, fondness, forties, forty, full body, full-length, gaiety, gal, glad, gleeful, human, human being, joining, jolly, juvenile, kid, kin, kinfolk, lady, lifter, lighthearted, lively, ma, mama, merry, mid life, middle age, middle aged, middle-age, middle-aged, minor, mischievous, mischievous, mom, motherhood, mothering, negative space, nm, north america, outdoor, outside, parent, person, picking up, pleasing, pleasure, raised, raising, regard, relation, relationship, relative, relishing, satisfaction, shoeless, sky, small, smile, southwest, sunlight, sunshine, tike, together, tot, two, tyke, u.s., u.s.a., united states of america, us, usa, waist-up, western european, whimsical, white space, women, young, youngster, youth, youthful
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