Mature couple leading horses through a meadow [ + ] [ - ]

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2 animals, 2 people, 3/4 length, 40 to 45, 40 to 45 years, 40-45, 40-45 years, 40s, 45 to 49, 45 to 49 years, 45-49, 45-49 years, 50 to 55, 50 to 55 years, 50-55, 50-55 years, 50s, 55 to 59, 55 to 59 years, 55-59, 55-59 years, adult, adults, animal, animals, baby boomer, blooming, boomer, boomers, caucasian, caucasian appearance, caucasian ethnicity, color, color image, colour, colour image, copy space, copy space top, couple, couples, cowboy hat, cowboy hats, day, daytime, depth of field, differential focus, early fifties, early forties, equine, equines, exploration, female, females, field, fields, fifties, fifty something, fifty-something, fiftysomething, flower, flowers, follow, following, forties, forty something, forty-something, fortysomething, grassland, grasslands, growth, guide, guiding, hand in hand, happiness, happy, hat, hats, herbivore, herbivores, herbivorous, heterosexual couple, heterosexual couples, hold, hold hand, hold hands, holding, holding hand, holding hands, hoof, hoofed, hoofed animal, hoofed animals, horizontal, horse, horse rider, horse riders, horse riding, horse trek, horse trekking, horse treks, horseback rider, horseback riders, horseback riding, horses, husband, husband and wife, husbands, image, imagery, images, in bloom, late fifties, late forties, lead, leading, leisure, leisure activities, leisure activity, love, loving, male, males, mammal, mammals, man, marriage, married, mature adult, mature adults, mature couple, mature man, mature men, mature woman, mature women, meadow, meadows, men, middle aged, middle aged couple, middle aged man, middle aged men, middle aged woman, middle aged women, middle-aged, middle-aged man, middle-aged men, middle-aged woman, middle-aged women, nature, negative space, negative space top, outdoor, outdoors, outside, paddock, paddocks, pasture, pastures, people, photo, photograph, photographs, photography, picture, plant, plants, recreation, recreational pursuit, recreational pursuits, rein, reins, relationship, relationships, ride, rider, riders, rides, riding, romance, romantic, selective focus, smile, smiling, spouse, spouses, three quarter length, three-quarter length, tree, trees, two animals, two people, walking, wife, wives, woman, women
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