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July 21, 2014: A tractor in rural PortugalJuly 21, 2014: A tractor in rural Portugal
Laundry hanging in sunlight woodsLaundry hanging in sunlight woods
Pot cooking on camp stovePot cooking on camp stove
Laundry hanging in woods - OffsetLaundry hanging in woods - Offset
A dog in a campsiteA dog in a campsite
A house in coastal PortugalA house in coastal Portugal
Man by camp grill - OffsetMan by camp grill - Offset
Exterior of small Portuguese houseExterior of small Portuguese house
Pile of peeled bark - OffsetPile of peeled bark - Offset
A beach scene in PortugalA beach scene in Portugal
Tents on Portuguese coast - OffsetTents on Portuguese coast - Offset
Coffee brewing in camping potCoffee brewing in camping pot
Rock cliffs on Portuguese coastRock cliffs on Portuguese coast
Preparing food for camping - OffsetPreparing food for camping - Offset
Pepper cooking on camp stovePepper cooking on camp stove


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